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5 old fashion trends that are back in style

Hey there fellas. Hope your week is going great. everyone needs a come back and there are some fashion trends which have reared their pretty head from historical times to present day. Some of these trendshad been declared fads and fashion mishaps in the past but have surprisingly found a way resurface as mini fashion gods. Here are five fashion blasts from the past.

Choker Necklace

Back in the 90’s the choker was a common and widely accepted trend. It came in different forms and sizes. For some reason it faded out into oblivion in the early 2000’s only to reappear few years ago. The Choker Necklace can add glamour and glitz to an outfit or just give you the vampy or gothic look. It depends on how you wanna wear it.

The Afro

From the late 60’s to the early 90’s, the Afro hair is one fashion trends that has refused to fade away. Although it goes into recession for a while, it comes back bigger and better (cliché? I know right). All over the world we have black and proud naturalists who have proved to us that we haven’t seen the end of the Afro just yet.

Flared trousers

commonly known as the fela-trouser by Nigerians , the Flared trousers made a huge comeback this season. From its hey days in the 90’s when most times it was the only piece of clothing found on the great Felt Kuti, to its modernised and more cultured days. Back in the days a good pair of Flared trousers was usually found beneath an Afro.


Remember superman, thor? (I’m a die hard Marvel comics fan…). They all have one thing in common. Capes. Our African mothers may never agree with us on what they tagged as “a waste of material” but capes have come to stay! These beauties cannot be explained, they just make you feel like you can…… fly.


Although they didn’t make a huge comeback these season. They’ve risen from hibernation and have been spotted in different, new and exciting ways.

We know that fashion is a rotating circle that keeps going round and round. We expect more comebacks this season Sha. What are your favourite comebacks of the season? Let us know in the comment section. Adios

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