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Ladies! basic things to know before going Natural Hair Uncategorized 

Ladies! basic things to know before going Natural

Change is scary, especially when it has to affect something as delicate as your appearance, for ladies it takes a bold move to even consider switching to pure natural hair and even daring when you actually pull it off

Now we totally transitioning process can be quite difficult as you will face alot of critics, haysayers and discouragement but just stay focused, remind yourself the awesome benefit of going nature and look forward to the glory days

To help the transitioning process, here are some of the basic essential things every lady considering switching to natural hair definitely needs to know

1  Get ready to experiment with hair product

While some are lucky at first trial to find the perfect product(s) that works magic on their hair, you may likely be on the unlucky side, therefore you need to get yourself ready to research natural hair friendly hair product. Ever since becoming a natural, I’ve become a pro at DIYs for hair because I’m always on YouTube, Instagram stalking hair bloggers, reading countless of blogs that majors in natural hair learning new tricks.
Remember what will work for one person, may not work for another.

2 You’ll be tempted to go back to the use of relaxers

It is important for you to know at the starting that lot of dissapointment will set in and as such get your mind, body and soul ready to conquer them as it will only get better. Desist from soothsayers who will tell you short hair is easy to maintain, because its not true. It will require you putting your hair in a twist out or braid before going to bed in order to reduce shrinkage in the morning, low manipulation, dealing with shrinkage and loads of others. Can you handle it?

3 You won’t be limited

This simply means you won’t have to wear one look all through the short hair phase, learn to embrace it. Get a protective style while you let your hair grow, such as braids, twist- out, Bantu knot, the African threading, or you can use a very good wig, or if you feel it safe, dye it up.
And you can play with different hair accessories like ribbons, bandana, and many more.
Most importantly, slay with your makeup and fashion accessories.

Yaay!! cool right?

Now go ahead and let me know in the comment box your reason for turning natural, and if you’re on relaxed hair, Are you considering it?, What’s your view on it?


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