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7 human problems that can be cured by having Sex Fitness/workout Uncategorized 

7 human problems that can be cured by having Sex

Aside from the feel good hormone we experience when having sexual intercourse, there are tons of other natural ailment that can be cured not by increasing your drug intake but simply by increasing your sex time. Sex in recent times has become tool for bonding couples and rekindling relationship but it can also be a stronger tool for healing individuals.

Today we present the 7 natural ailment that can be cured simply by having sex

1. Lack of Sleep [Insomnia]

People who have problem catching a good night sleep mostly due to stress or worries are recommended to have sex before they go to bed this is because during sex, a person heart rate is increased and this increase leads to an increase in post coital relaxation. Also when men ejaculate especially after rigorous love making they lethargic and this make them sleepy.

2. Headaches and Pain

When you about to Orgasm, the level of the hormones increases by 5 times – the endorphin secreted actually reduces aches and pains Now tell me instead of buying the usual drugs, isn’t it not much better to opt for a more sexual pain reliever

3. Poor Immune system

This is what you will usually take supplement for right? Well save your money and get yourself a partner because love making increases the level of immune boosting antibody immunoglobulin A (1gA) which in return builds your immune system to kick against diseases and illness.. ‘‘A healthy Man is a Sexual Man’’

4. Lack of Body Fitness/Exercise

Why spend good money In the gym when you can sex your way to a hard rock six packs and abs. Sex can serve as a great source of exercise to improve body fitness and muscles. If you have sex 3 times a week in 15 minutes, you burn about 7.500 calories in a year that is equivalent to a 75 mile run. In addition heavy breathing raises the amount of oxygen in your cells and testorone produced keep bone strong

5. Stress/ Fatique

Aside the guilt that might come after sex in term of fornication and adultery, sex with your partner reduces stress, great sex especially in the morning can leave you with a glowing cheerful mood to take you throughout your day

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