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Things men do during sex that turns every woman Off Love/Dating Uncategorized 

Things men do during sex that turns every woman Off

Foreplay can be understood to be the very foundation of having amazing sex and it is quite ironic how many men go wrong at this crucial stage and thus ruin the whole sexual journey

To brush up on your sexual moves communication is key but since most couples find it hard to discuss their sexual experiences what pleases them and what their partner should do more

The connect team thought it necessary to compile the possible things men do during foreplay that women actually hate but would never tell you about
Here we go:

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Reach for her Panties too early
Foreplay is a delicate process which allows the ladies body to get wet and indirectly prep up for the main intercourse, women actually hate it when you reach down for their panties too early without first easing them into it. it absolutely turns most of them off therefore killing the sexual tensions rising at that time

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Expect her to automatically want to give you a blow job
This isn’t porn, you got to realize that not all lady love the taste of semen or the smell of your pubic hair up close to their nose so don’t automatically expect them to want to blow you like its your birth right and also don’t try to force their head down in order for them to get the hint.

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Speed up the Foreplay
Now I know every man loves to get to the desert {intercourse} but to make her enjoy it as much as you might, you have to slow it down at the foreplay stage and take your time to enjoy, gratify and tease every part of her body and I assure you she will love it more

Talk too much
Now there is a difference between talking dirty and just talking too much, even though some women love it when their man is vocally expressive of how he feels and what she should do more. All women hate it when their man just talks too much especially about irrelevant things, now remember sex time isn’t the time to practice your crappy jokes

Undress her wrongly
Kinda fallen victim to this one {lol} guess it’s a learning process for us all, well as I learnt the hard way when it comes to undressing her you got to relax and do it right, do not rush it and mess it all up

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