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Toke Makinwa goes upclose and personal on the latest issue of Glam Africa's magazine Entertainment Uncategorized 

Toke Makinwa goes upclose and personal on the latest issue of Glam Africa’s magazine

Relationship expert, fashionista and all round sweetheart Toke Makinwa dawns on the cover of Glam Africa magazine

In the issue, Toke opens up on her success, where she sees herself in the next five years and other matters of the heart

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On giving second chances to someone who cheats: Matters of the heart are tough, incredibly tough. Cheating is bad; it is a cancer that eats you up; it destroys everything. You see a confident woman become a shadow of herself when she has been cheated on. It is one of the most painful things, ever and though some people make it work, it definitely cannot be the same again. It is like a broken mirror, the cracks will always be there but in time, the scar can become beautiful and a place only of reference, not a destination. People can come back from it. If both parties are willing and if the cheat understands what his or her actions cost their partner. And of course, with the grace of God, watching another person suffer for the choice you selfishly made is so heart breaking – that is what cheating does. People grow up, people change [and] everyone deserves a second chance as we ask God for forgiveness daily, but it may not be with each other. Sometimes the brokenness is irreparable and you can forgive someone without being in their lives.


On the success of her vlogs: The series was not something I took seriously at first… I didn’t realise it would be so successful. No one seems to talk about the problems they have and I wanted to be the friend in your head, to voice what you normally wouldn’t. I wanted to connect with people on a different level.

On her future in the next 5 years: I am working towards being a global brand. I want my name to have gained international status in 5 years. I am also working on my own talk show, which I pray will be huge. I want to have written a number of lifestyle books and I am working on launching my own label brands. I am laying the foundations of all of these aspirations of mine now and I can only pray towards achieving them all and more.


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