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A Complete trendy Guide to styling your Midi Skirt + Photos Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

A Complete trendy Guide to styling your Midi Skirt + Photos

A glance at the caption above and most girls are like ‘there’s no way am putting that on’ This is the skirt your mom would so glad if she saw you wearing’ but hey, midi skirts are cool, comfortable to wear, chic and hot (that if you want it to be)

Fashion circulates; it goes round in a circle and comes back in full force. In girls some girls see these skirts as uncool giving names like deeper life, mary amaka etc, they believe in fitted clothes but fashion isn’t fashion until you have worn it all #WearITaLL

So here are some A-Z things you need to know about looking Glam on Midi Skirts

How To Style Midi Skirts

Midi skirts come in different clothing materials including denim, chiffon, satin wool, leather cotton and many other clothing materials. That’s the good thing about midi’s, they just fit right in

As they come in different materials types, they also come in different styles and designs. The designs could come in flair, pleats, slits, mullets, and many others you can find in a clothing store.

Looking Glam: What to wear with my midi skirt?

-You can rock your denim straight midi skirt with an eyelet crop top, it’s much fun to show some skin. This is how you can look hot and still be comfortable

-Your pleated midi skirt will look fabs with strapless blouse/tops, don’t forget to touch in your blazers

NOTE: midi’s also go better with a maxi crop tops and even a T-shirt

-Flag midi’s (yum yum): These would do with a shirt tucked with a thin belt. You can also pull this off with a strappy blouse

NOTE: Turtlenecks and blouse with a lower neckline and sleeves would do

Finally, it is important to note that heels would be advisable but for a causal occasion, pointy flats are my best choice

Post written and Compiled by Fashion blogger HopeBlaque

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