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A Complete guide to styling and looking Glam on Pinafore

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say ‘Pinafore’ High school right? Guess its time to change that mindset

Pinafores are sleeveless dresses usually worn as an overdress. These dresses are fabs for informal outings.

In Nigeria, most students in Junior high school wear pinafores to school ‘(the good old days) usually with their sandals, white socks, shaved heads and maxi skirts that wont naturally fit a size 5. It usually a funny sight but then its in trend again.

That fashion circulates should be the philosophy of every fashion lover so you can be ready to accept ‘All Trends’

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Basic Things You Didn’t Know about Pinafore


The pinafore used to date back to the late 80’s and early 90’s and boy do I love how it was baggy styled

Nowadays, pinafore comes in different styles either as a gown or pants. It has always been signaled as the outfit for hang out, parties (beach or indoors) but hardly does anyone wear a pinafore to a formal or corporate occasion

It has also been labeled as a youngsters wear, no big deal, we don’t dispute that fact

Styling Tips: Outfits Combination that go perfectly with Pinafores


Pinafores are sleeveless, they are good complementary for any choice but you have to be to careful not to turn out stuffy or overdressed

Tip 1: Pinafores with inpants style with a strappy back detail will blend with your inners (by this I mean any clothing with just straps or non-straps at all)

NOTE: Kill the look with your pumps or any of your heels but court shoes, kitten heels and wedges and boots are out of the picture

Tip 2: Still on the pinafore in pants style, the ones that come with a covering out the back, that is, has a look alike of its front counterpart go well with turtlenecks (I’m so inlove with this) sleeveless or not.

NOTE: Most times you find the ones that show a little skin (the upper body not sides ofcourse) You can blend with the skin-show off or not.

By this I mean fitted crop tops (shorts sleeves preferable) or round neck fitted blouse

Tip 3: They also come in shorts with different styles you will love. You can wear this with any of the tops above but I personally do not fancy it with shorts of any kind. Your Gladiators, sneakers and even stilettos would work with this.

Tip 4: I’m so much in love with these ones that come in gowns, they have a little bit of formality and a side for craze, I mean you can look formal and crazy depending on your mood

To rock it formally, try a shirt (maxi or fitted) either would look great. Also you will love it better when all buttoned to the neck (for the shirts I mean) add your stilettos too.

Most importantly, ensure to bring your personal style, personality with every look be it school girl, office lady or boss-madam

Comment how you would love to rock your pinafore, or send a photo of yourself rocking one of these looks to our mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Post written and Compiled by Hopeblaque

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