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8 style tips on styling Bussiness Casual outfits Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

8 style tips on styling Bussiness Casual outfits

There is a “genre” of fashion that is trending now; it is the business casual. The business casual is between corporate and casual. It is that attire you can wear to a business luncheon or a  semiformal occasion, or a client meeting.
The key here is finding the boundary between too official and too casual, that boundary is the business casual. I call it “classy casual” because that sums up the business casual to me.
There are basic things you should know about the business casual and few tips on getting a collection of clothes to pull off the look successfully.

1. Get a good blazer.

That good blazer from your corporate wardrobe can be paired with a casual pant. The blend between a work blazer and a casual pant gives you the business casual look.

2. Ease up

It is time to let the shirt hang loose. Swap the suit for a more relaxed jacket. Or relax into more comfortable shoes. Just loose a bit of the serious look, a bit though, not all.

3.Remain decent.

The casual in business casual doesn’t mean you should bring your indoor miniskirt. Remain professional, and decent. It is really not a time for revealing clothes. It might actually be your first meeting with a potential client and you don’t want to give a bad first impression or send the wrong message.

4. Observe the rules of your workplace or business associates.

You really don’t want your dressing to set off a very conservative client or boss. So be careful in your choice of clothes. If your workplace is not open to pants, it does not stop you from being trendy. Wear your skirt in style, you may decide to opt for something more colorful, since it is not the usual corporate look. Don’t forget to be moderate in your choice of color

5. Go African

That casual business meeting maybe a great time to wear that lovely African piece that work stops you from flaunting. I get that feeling sometimes, after a long week of corporate, you just want to slip into something African and simple. Just make sure it’s not overly dramatic or you might look ridiculous and out of place.

6. Keep it Simple

Its not a time to flaunt everything, it’s semiformal remember? Keep the colors simple, avoid dramatic designs and accessories. The idea is to look relaxed while still oozing class.

7. Good shoes

Sometimes all you need is good shoes. A pair of good heels can transform an otherwise casual outfit to something classy.

8. Blend it in

Find a blind between corporate and casual, a corporate skirt with a casual top or vice versa. The business casual look is a mixture of this blend, with none overtaking the other. Find that balance and spice up your work attire.

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