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A Complete style guide to looking Glam on Boyfriend Shirts

The first thought that comes to mind are shirts that belong to your boyfriend (that’s if you are just hearing it for the first time) At least that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard of it two and a half years ago

But boyfriend shirts in the real sense are just oversized shirts! Maxi shirts are my favourite, maybe because am thin and it just makes me look a little plus sized when am actually not

Maxi’s (boyfriend shirts) are comfortable to be in, chic and quite trendy to wear. One thing I have come to love about styling maxi’s is that there is no stress at all but when done might make you look oversized and stuffy (am sure you don’t want that) So to keep you looking chic, here are some of our style tips for slaying on Boyfriend Shirts

How To Style Boyfriend Shirts

Boyfriend shirts come in different styles and that the beauty in it. To look Glam in these shirts, follow some of these tips and don’t forget to add some personal flair and creativity

Styling Boyfriend Shirts:               Street Style Look


For a slay street style look match up your boyfriend shirts, trousers, sneakers (personally strappy stilettos). You can also go with a boyfriend shirt, denim and blouse (preferably not too fitted). This look can be rocked with any footwear with the exception of flipflops, uggboots, kittenheels

Styling Boyfriend Shirts 1:                    That 60’s look


Thinking of going old school? Pull it off by tying your boyfriend shirts around your waist and that’s a fabulous look you have there


Styling Boyfriend Shirts 2:                   Chic Style

Match up your boyfriend shirt on a statement necklace or belt (a strappy one, not too large) pair it up with any footwear with the exception of timberlands or sneakers (gladiators are my favourite and you should definitely try one)


Styling Boyfriend Shirts 3:             Go Denim


Denim comes into play again and yes, we all love denim right, when you want to make that hot look statement try this: High waist denim trousers on any high waist trousers you have got, a tube (any colour of your choice) and your boyfriend shirt, don’t forget your belt. This can be styled in two ways; you either trim the ends of your shirt to make a knot, making it look like a crop top or instead unbutton it and show some skin

As for shoes, Heels or Boots are the two major options here; Heels for sophisticated formal night and your boots for a more street look.

Still on boots, consider pairing it up with a timberlands, ugg boots or gladiators

Styling Boyfriend Shirts 4:         Boyfriend Shirt on Bum shorts     


We saved the best for last. Most girls like me find this more appealing and trendy to work with. They go particularly with most footwears except for kitten, court heels, moccasin and other flat shoes (remember the goal here is to loud and make a statement)

You can party with these outfits, go to the beach or hang out with friends. You can also match it up with your Oxford (throw in some tunk or heels and you set to slay) Boyfriend shirt could come as a t-shirt, normal shirt or even look like a tail suit (mullet kind of look) they come in different styles, colours and fabric and cloth type

I would love to see your comment on how you will style your boyfriend shirts, enjoy the rest of your week and don’t forget to slay!!

Post and pictures compiled by fashion blogger HopeBlaque

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