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Ladies! 5 Signs you dating a Fuck Boy Love/Dating Uncategorized 

Ladies! 5 Signs you dating a Fuck Boy

Like most Nigerian trends, the term ‘fuck boy’ has come to stay and to those not yet aware of its meaning, it simply refers to a guy, man, or boy (irrespective of age) who acts, thinks, behave and often times talks like a child.

Fuck boys are immature, not ready to commit and can’t handle pressure or strong responsibility

So ladies, can you tell if that guy professing love to you is a fuck boy, here are some signs to watch out for

He isn’t ready to commit

Following this sign, it seems 80% of Nigerian men are fuck boys since infidelity and flirting have slowly become a norm

He is over emotionally dependent

Now there are clingy guys and over clingy guys, the first can be acceptable but the latter is a sure way to identify a fuck boy

He can’t make his own decision

Been able to make independent decision is a good sign of maturity but fuck boys haven’t attained that level of maturity

He is always up for socializing even when there are more important things to be done

Now the fun life is great but if he is not an artiste then he has no reason partying every single day

He tends to have serious Mummy or Daddy issues

No one loves a grown man who is still acting like a little mummy’s boy


So ladies! If your boo, boyfriend, potential hubby has at least 3 of these qualities then he is definitely a fuck boy

Think we didn’t get it all? Feel free via comment to tell us some other signs of spotting a fuck boy


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