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5 types of friends you should NEVER get relationship advice from Love/Dating 

5 types of friends you should NEVER get relationship advice from

Sometimes getting good advice can mark the difference between making good decision and making a wrong one but other times simply seeking advice and taking them higher than your own personal opinion can ruin a ‘NotSoBad’ situation

In relationship mostly, guy have the tendency to run to their buddies for advice, suggestions and opinions especially when things aren’t going to well, these often times end up bringing more harm than good.

Advices are good but listening to ones heart and taking a decision from ones initiatives sometimes works better.

So before you run to your buddies for help, first relax and check out if they fall under the 5 types of friend you shouldn’t seek relationship advice from


Guys! Never take advice from your friends on relationship issues relating to sex

In issues relating to sex and your love life, it far better to keep it within the house, seeking advice might just ruin a delicate issue, instead try and communicate with your partner and both find a common ground to work with.


Never seek advice from friends when it comes to ending your relationship

The Mr or Mrs Break Up Friends are the ones who have never been in stable long term relationship, especially this type of friends would ever tell you to try and make things work in your relationship, seeking advice from them would surely lead you to a egoistic decision to break things off with your partner



 Never take the advice of a friend who can’t commit to one girl on issues concerning faithfulness and infidelity

Most times guys who are flirts, play boys and cheat often see their actions as justified and as such should be followed by everyone, asking such a friend for advice on how to stay faithful would be as useless as asking a blind man for road directions.


Never get or seek relationship advice from a friend who tends to care so much about what others think about him

The people pleaser category will tend to always look at things from the perspective of what others would think or feel about you, they tend to make decision based on public opinion and would likely advice you to do things in other to avoid public ridicule or castigation


Guys! Never take relationship advice from a person who feels he is the boss of every relationship and women are tools that must obey him

The problem with these kinds of friends is usually their destructive advice on handling relationship and the opposite sex; they tend to want their women to be submissive and passive to their every command and would advise you to do the same in your relationship


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