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Here’s our complete style guide to rocking Plaid this weekend

The plaid design is one I have come to love because of its versatile nature. So I decided to share with you 15 different ways to be glam in plaid.

1. Wear with a skirt

2. Layer up


Throwing a simple jacket or cardigan over a plaid shirt keeps it stylish and keeps you warm too.

3. Pair with simple pants

plaid shirt tucked into denim pants makes a simple stylish outfit.

4. Wear as a dress

Ever tried a plaid dress before? Its another fun way to wear plaid.

5. Wear as a blazer

plaid blazer would be a great addition to your blazer collection and yes it has a retro vibe which makes you stand out

6. Crop it

Ever thought of converting your plaid shirt into a cropped jacket. All you have to do is leave a few buttons open at the hem, hold and knot at the centre.

7. Put a hat on it!

As an unapologetic hat lover, I always bring it up. Don’t blame me, the hat goes with almost everything. So you can just drop it on your plaid outfit.

8. Wear as a shirt dress

The shirt dress is fun when worn in plaid. Don’t hold back!

9. Tie it up!

You can always keep it chic and casual by tying your plaid on your waist.

10. Max it up!

That plaid shirt you don’t know what to do with, might just be the right fit for your plain maxi skirt. Try tucking it into that maxi skirt and pull of this glam look.

11. Wear as pants

12. Wear as a jumpsuit

Make your attire more fun by putting on a plaid jumpsuit.

13. Pattern it!

Using plaid as a pattern on your outfit is totally stylish. You can pattern it into your ripped jean or use as a cap or tie it up as earlier discussed.

14. Plaid on plaid!

This is edgy but totally pays off. Combining different plaid designs and colors takes your fashion to an all new level.

Don’t forget to Keep it simple and flaunt your personal style always

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