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How to stay Stylish in the Rainy Season Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to stay Stylish in the Rainy Season

Hey guys, how are you enjoying this weather. Well I hope you are like I am. The rains come with it’s beauty and perks. I absolutely love to sit and watch the rain caress the earth like a lover and leave it with that “fresh rejuvenating and cleansed” scent. On the other hand, it could be crazy and hectic while deciding suitable outfits for the weather. It’s important to remain stylish and dry at the same time. Soggy, wet clothes never looked good on anyone. As a law student, I don’t have adequate control over my outfits( the only humanitarian cause I will use my degree to fight against…lol) and apart from the compulsory monochrome colours, the only thing I can change is my handbag or my school bag(handbags are overrated). But where there is a will, there is a way. So I’ve made a few modifications to my monochrome uniform and they seem to be working out fine. So I’m armed with a few tips to help you maintain your swag during this cold rainy days.

  • Boots and sneakers are perfect for threading muddy ground. You might want to keep your beautiful summer sandals and slippers “inside inside” your shoe closet. So that they can live to see another summer.
  • Scarves, head warmers, hats can serve dual functions. Keeping you warm and switching up your style. There are great ways to wrap neck scarves around your neck. YouTube offers a lot of tutorial videos (or request for a DIY from me in the comment section).
  • Coats, bomber jackets, blazers, shirt dresses. Whichever one suits your profession. It keeps you warm and edgy.



















Here are a few suggestions to help enhance your style for this weather. I really hope I was of good help to you.



Grab a chair, some tea( I prefer iced tea even in this weather), your favorite book, sit back relax and enjoy the weather before the tissue damaging sun comes back out.

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