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Ladies! 7 major things to consider when styling your work clothes Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

Ladies! 7 major things to consider when styling your work clothes

Becoming a fashionista even at work should be the goal for all ladies and helping you take that fashion sense to a whole new level is what we aim to achieve with this post

So ladies! Here are everything you need to consider when dressing for work

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  • Dress for your own workplace No set of rules about office attire conforms to all the specificities of any given office, so be sure to tweak the rules for your own work setting. Particularly in creative fields, you may want to wear even more colorful or fashion-forward attire to show you’re keeping up with the times. You know your situation better than anyone, so when in doubt, trust your gut.

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  • Do what you can to stay comfortable When it’s hot outside, it can feel nearly unbearable to pull on a long-sleeved blouse or blazer. Stay cooler by layering a tank top underneath a lightweight cardigan (choose a tank with thick straps if you think you’ll want to remove the cardigan) or opt for lightweight fabrics such us cotton or linen.Comfort can also mean feeling like yourself. Try to shop for pieces that help you feel good both physically and emotionally, and that don’t make you feel self-conscious. Confidence makes more of an impression than clothes any day of the week.
  • Accessorize Jewelry, bags, belts, and makeup all offer relatively inexpensive ways to add some personal style to a look and have fun with a professional wardrobe. If you’re worried about going overboard, take Coco Chanel’s advice: “Before you leave the house, take one thing off.”
  • Pay attention to the details Try to avoid wearing wrinkled, poor-fitting, or mismatched clothing; for good or for ill, many people judge ill-fitting or unkempt clothes as a sign of general disorganization. Take the extra few minutes to steam or iron your clothes when necessary and tackle any stains as soon as you notice them. A polished hairstyle can complete the professional look; get a haircut you like that is easy to style throughout the year.

  • Don’t wear flip-flops, hoodies, and ripped or casual jeans While undeniably comfortable, these items are too informal for all but the most relaxed work environments, and many people consider them unprofessional. Play it safe by nixing these items from your work wardrobe. If your office does permit jeans, learn how to make jeans look professional (for instance, choose darker washed jeans, pair them with a blazer, and tuck in your blouse).
  • Don’t wear heels unless you want to If you prefer to be more comfortable—or are worried about walking in heels—it’s entirely possible to look professional in flats. You can’t go wrong with closed-toe, loafer-style, or pointy-toed options.
  • Don’t overdress relative to the boss While you may have heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have,” it’s not without its pitfalls. If you wear a full suit to work every day while your boss sticks to casual slacks and graphic tees, you’re more likely to look out of touch than like executive material. Instead of fixating on impressing other people, simply dress neatly and professionally and keep your focus on the job.

Don’t worry too much about your outfit. It may seem preposterous to end a list of workplace wardrobe tips by saying, “Don’t worry about fashion in the workplace,” but it’s important to remember that your appearance is not the only factor that shapes how you’re perceived at work. People will remember you more for your confidence, work ethic, work performance, attitude, and authenticity than they will for your clothes. And ultimately, judgments on your attire say more about the judger than they do about you. So long as you dress neatly and appropriately, you’re ready to go to work and seize the day.

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