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Here's how to turn your cell phone into a security gadget News 

Here’s how to turn your cell phone into a security gadget

In today’s technological advanced world, the use of the cell phone has gone far beyond making and receiving of calls as money is now been made, spent and transfer through the click of a button

With this advances comes the need to be more security conscious about our phones and how we use it especially with theft now a normal phenomena, this is why female drummer and singer Ara in an interview with Punchng shared some stellar tips on turning your cell phone into a security gadget.. 

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Always make sure you have airtime on your phone just in case of an emergency. You will be able to contact your family and friends in such an instance.


Also, when you are somewhere and you perceive something is wrong, perhaps a suspicious movement of someone or some people, quickly take a picture and send it to the appropriate quarters. But when you want to take such a picture, be careful you are not noticed.

If you are in danger, you can quickly record an audio on your phone asking for help and send to a family or friend


You can also record a video message and upload to the appropriate quarters. We must just be security conscious, especially in the face of terrorism and kidnapping we are facing in the country right now.

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