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Relationship Tips

With the economic situation in Nigeria, it seems couples are losing their ‘romantic touch’ and are now too preoccupied complaining about ‘Buhari’s regime, Fuel Hike price, the price of tomato and the On-going NLC Strike’

Now we understand that they might be no money to take her shopping, go to the movies or surprise her with that brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 but who says being romantic depends solely on the amount in your bank account as they are tons of fun ways couples can spice up their relationships and take their mind off the current economic challenges facing Nigerian.. Here are some

Stay Indoors and Watch a movie

Who says you must watch that blockbuster movie at the cinema, now with the aid of the internet, USB or flash drive you can transfer any movie to your laptop or DVD, cozy up with your loved ones and watch at the comfort of your home

This also gives you some alone time to stare at her eyes, kiss her at intervals and just be alone. It would also cost you little or nothing depending on your electricity situation.

Take A Walk

Depending on your locality,a good Saturday walk is quite needed to keep blood pumping, communication flowing and romance brewing

However whenever you decide to take this walk make sure the weather is favourable [probably a breezy Saturday evening] and pick a calm serene environment

Play Games

This is also another great way to have fun without stretching your bank account as there are tons of family friendly games to pick from ranging from Ludo,WHOT, Scrambble.

Invite friends to spice things up and remember it isn’t a competition

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