Real Ways to deal with a Nagging girlfriend

If guys were to write a list of things they hated in the opposite sex, we are pretty sure that nagging would make it on the top 5

Relationships are bound to have ups and downs, quarrels and tension filled moments and ladies sometimes resort to nagging or excessive complaining as a means to vent out those tensions or anger

Dealing with a nagging girlfriend can be quite tricky and delicate especially if you do not want to respond or use physical force to get her to calm down. So today we will show you the actual practical ways to deal with a nagging girlfriend

Stay Calm

From my experience, when she begins to complain, the urge to get her to shut up or calm down might be overwhelming and this is probably why most men resort to physical abuse [not condoning it tho] but honestly doesn’t help the situation. keeping your cool is the best way handle her, don’t respond and try to address the matter at that moment

Don’t Argue Back

Remember the saying “Two wrongs never make a Right” well it applies to this situation perfectly as shouting at the top of your voice or trying to overshadow hers doesn’t solve the problem, it actually brings about a more intense environment which can lead to physical abuse.

Leave the Scene

Like most men, if you cant hold your anger or bottle up the emotions rushing through your mind, the best thing to do is to leave the place as quickly as possible, give yourself some time to cool off then reflex on the actual reason why she was complaining

Wait for her to calm down then talk to her

No matter how angry she might have gotten, she won’t stay angry forever, just give her some time to also cool off and calm down then bring up the issue again but this time try to yell and vent out orders but simply communicate gently

Don’t forget to also listen

This is the part most men fail to actually carry out, since communication is two folds, talking to her is one part of making the relationship work while listening to what she has to say is also very important so try as much as possible to also listen and understand things from her perspective

Find a solution {Or a Compromise}

by this time you both must have fully laid your sides of the issue, now its time to find a solution or in most cases a compromise that would suit both parties. Also remember that a relationship isn’t one sided so the best solutions might not favor you totally

Put in effort to change

There is no point in following these steps if she would end up complaining about the exact same thing, so after you both must have come to a compromise, you would have to put in effort to change whatever she found wrong. If she complains about your dirty clothes then try and wash them more often or about your attitude towards her friends, try to get to know them a bit.. All we are saying is that you actually try to make things work