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Tips on Styling men's fashion Men's Fashion Uncategorized 

Here’s everything you need to know about styling men’s clothes

It’s rare to find a guy who cares so much about his style, I said style not fashion, although they are two cords on contract. I know most guys who just put anything and be like ‘no one will notice’ unfortunately for them, people like me always notice Men’s clothing are actually more difficult than that of women’s, the issues of colour, clothing material, design and accessories are way more complicated. From the collar type, knotted tie (which comes in different style variations) cufflinks, trousers/pants, shirts and to his footwears…

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Why these brown luxury shoes are 'Must Haves' for every stylish man Men's Fashion Uncategorized 

Why these brown luxury shoes are ‘Must Haves’ for every stylish man

Luxury shoes are really trendy and fashionable these days. Brown colored luxury shoes top the chart for the most fashionable luxury shoes. Imagine using this shoes as a dress up derby with a combo of a tucked in denim shirt in a denim trousers and brown luxury belt like Versace etc With such shoes, be careful of using statements like ‘You cant walk on my shoes’ because with such elegancy everybody will literally want to have a taste of your condition. This kind of shoe will make you work hard…

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