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Guys! 9 Signs You are her Side Boo

Right now, every adult should have a working understanding of the term ‘Side Chick’ as it relates to the ladies but who says guys can’t be side boo’s?  So on this post; we have compiled the 9 ways for all guys to know if his bae is only using him – Guys! If you fall into any category then you are her side boo You Are Her Side Boo if and Only if She hardly ever calls, only flashes your line The only time she calls if when she is in…

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Why taking a break doesnt always mean Breaking Up Real-Talk Uncategorized 

Why taking a break doesnt always mean Breaking Up

Most couples especially the females tend to misunderstand the difference between taking a break and breaking up, therefore regarding both term as the same. However in reality, taking a break from a relationship doesn’t necessarily put an end to the relationship. The difference been that the first (Taking a break) simply calls for a temporarily absence from the responsibility of the relationship due to certain reasons while the other (breaking up) is the putting to an end of the affair Now when a partner request for a break, it implies…

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