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Ladies! 7 major things to consider when styling your work clothes Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

Ladies! 7 major things to consider when styling your work clothes

Becoming a fashionista even at work should be the goal for all ladies and helping you take that fashion sense to a whole new level is what we aim to achieve with this post So ladies! Here are everything you need to consider when dressing for work Related: Best Tips on Styling Business Casual Outfits Dress for your own workplace No set of rules about office attire conforms to all the specificities of any given office, so be sure to tweak the rules for your own work setting. Particularly in creative fields, you…

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How to stay Stylish in the Rainy Season Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to stay Stylish in the Rainy Season

Hey guys, how are you enjoying this weather. Well I hope you are like I am. The rains come with it’s beauty and perks. I absolutely love to sit and watch the rain caress the earth like a lover and leave it with that “fresh rejuvenating and cleansed” scent. On the other hand, it could be crazy and hectic while deciding suitable outfits for the weather. It’s important to remain stylish and dry at the same time. Soggy, wet clothes never looked good on anyone. As a law student, I…

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Styling Plaid #TeamConnect Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

Here’s our complete style guide to rocking Plaid this weekend

The plaid design is one I have come to love because of its versatile nature. So I decided to share with you 15 different ways to be glam in plaid. 1. Wear with a skirt 2. Layer up   Throwing a simple jacket or cardigan over a plaid shirt keeps it stylish and keeps you warm too. 3. Pair with simple pants A plaid shirt tucked into denim pants makes a simple stylish outfit. 4. Wear as a dress Ever tried a plaid dress before? Its another fun way to wear plaid. 5. Wear as a blazer A plaid blazer would be…

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Vlogger Lola OJ Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

Watch Lola Oj complete guide to styling up your Bomber Jacket

The weekends are almost here and we all can’t wait to ditch to those work or school clothes for more comfortable, edgy and stylish outfits  With cold weather and consistent rainfalls what better way to turn up for those Friday parties and events than with a stylish Bomber Jackets, and if you not sure how to style them up then no worries, just watch vlogger Lola OJ’s expert guide on styling your Bomber Jackets VIDEO IS ABOVE Also check out some pictorial ideas on styling Bomber Jackets      …

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Ankara bags Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

These Ankara bags are rapidly becoming a fashion ‘Must Have’

With Ankara now a household name in Africa and the world at large, styling and looking good on ankara’s are now quite easier but as every true fashionista knows ‘the goal isn’t to simply look Good but to totally Slay’  And slaying requires much more than a well tailored ankara dress or shoes to match and that’s why these stunning ankara bags are here to compliment and give an edge to your dope look Still haven’t gotten one yet? then maybe these photos will change your mind      …

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Guide to Styling Boyfriend Shirt Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

A Complete style guide to looking Glam on Boyfriend Shirts

The first thought that comes to mind are shirts that belong to your boyfriend (that’s if you are just hearing it for the first time) At least that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard of it two and a half years ago But boyfriend shirts in the real sense are just oversized shirts! Maxi shirts are my favourite, maybe because am thin and it just makes me look a little plus sized when am actually not Maxi’s (boyfriend shirts) are comfortable to be in,…

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8 style tips on styling Bussiness Casual outfits Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

8 style tips on styling Bussiness Casual outfits

There is a “genre” of fashion that is trending now; it is the business casual. The business casual is between corporate and casual. It is that attire you can wear to a business luncheon or a  semiformal occasion, or a client meeting. The key here is finding the boundary between too official and too casual, that boundary is the business casual. I call it “classy casual” because that sums up the business casual to me. There are basic things you should know about the business casual and few tips on…

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How To Style Pinafores Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

A Complete guide to styling and looking Glam on Pinafore

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say ‘Pinafore’ High school right? Guess its time to change that mindset Pinafores are sleeveless dresses usually worn as an overdress. These dresses are fabs for informal outings. In Nigeria, most students in Junior high school wear pinafores to school ‘(the good old days) usually with their sandals, white socks, shaved heads and maxi skirts that wont naturally fit a size 5. It usually a funny sight but then its in trend again. That fashion circulates should be the philosophy of…

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