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HGow To look Glam in cold weather Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

10 ways to stay warm and look stylish during Cold Weathers

With the current ON and OFF rainfall in most part of the country and the cold weather that comes with it, it seems looking good and staying warm is slowly becoming a daunting task but a fashionista is a fashionista, come rain or shine or even cold.       Here are 10 different ways to be that fashionista you want to be even in cold weather: 1. Never lack a turtle neck A turtle neck is a must have for the cold weather and can be worn with a lot of…

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Styling Leopard Prints Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

20 ways to style and look fabulous on Leopard Prints

Leopard prints definitely have a way of bringing you out of the crowd, there is something about these trendy outfits that just says ‘BOLD and CONFIDENT’ and although many tend to get scared off when it comes to styling them and because of that we would be showing a number of stunning ways you can look gorgeous on Leopard Prints                                 With these few pictures of mine, I hope I have been able to convince…

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How to spice up, rock and look Glam on Clingy Dresses Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to spice up, rock and look Glam on Clingy Dresses

A clingy dress is one dress that exudes an aura of sexiness. It has become very popular because it is flattering and also flaunts curves. The good news is that it can be worn with style to pull off a glam look. So here are few tips on how to wear that clingy dress right! Add A Jacket One important clothing that makes a great combo with the clingy dress is a jacket. The jacket could be long or short. The short jacket makes a clingy dress more professional and…

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How to Transfrom old T-shirts into trendy new Jackets Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to Transfrom old T-shirts into trendy new Jackets

With the constant rain, heavy down pour and changing weathers, it time to gear up those heavy fabrics and cardigan needed to stay warm and stylish On this post, we will be showing an easy guide to transforming your old or even new T-Shirts into trendy new Cardigans…. ENJOY!! ALSO CHECK OUT: How to turn old leggings into new trendy Crop Tops MATERIALS NEEDED Scissors The T-Shirt Pencil or Chalk Ruler HOW TO -Step One Place the T-shirt on a flat surface -Step Two Carefully Cut Out the Collars of…

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A Complete trendy Guide to styling your Midi Skirt + Photos Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

A Complete trendy Guide to styling your Midi Skirt + Photos

A glance at the caption above and most girls are like ‘there’s no way am putting that on’ This is the skirt your mom would so glad if she saw you wearing’ but hey, midi skirts are cool, comfortable to wear, chic and hot (that if you want it to be) Fashion circulates; it goes round in a circle and comes back in full force. In girls some girls see these skirts as uncool giving names like deeper life, mary amaka etc, they believe in fitted clothes but fashion isn’t…

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Turning you suit jacket into a stylish dress Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to turn old suit jackets into stylish new dresses

Last week we brought you an easy and cost effective way of turning your leggings into trendy crop tops (if you missed it,Click) , hope it served your right? well today we will bringing another easy to do D.I.Y and it centers on (Drum roll) ‘Turning Your Suit Jacket Into A Stylish Dress’ Fashion is life and with the ever changing trends and economic situation in most country, been able to keep up with such trends can be quite a task and thats why re-vamping, re-styling and re-creating old outfits into…

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5 old fashion trends that are back in style Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

5 old fashion trends that are back in style

Hey there fellas. Hope your week is going great. everyone needs a come back and there are some fashion trends which have reared their pretty head from historical times to present day. Some of these trendshad been declared fads and fashion mishaps in the past but have surprisingly found a way resurface as mini fashion gods. Here are five fashion blasts from the past. Choker Necklace Back in the 90’s the choker was a common and widely accepted trend. It came in different forms and sizes. For some reason it…

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How to look Stylish without spending much... Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to Look Stylish without going beyond your account

Hey fabulous people. I’ve missed you guys. I hope your week is going great. So in line with this wonderful economy that we are in. I’ve decided to give you some fab tips on how to look good without breaking your bank account. Let’s get right into it. First up, if you’re going to look fab in this economy that we’re in, you have to be on a strict budget. I mean “belly sucked in belt tight kinda budget”. Don’t buy that extra pair of jeans or sneakers. Walk past…

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