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Styling Leather Jackets #Teamconnect Trending Uncategorized 

Fashion slayers! This is the best time to rock on your leather Jackets

For people living the Nigeria, especially the South South region, you can attest that the last few months has been one of the coldest so far this year, right here in Uyo, it has rained consistently for over two weeks now  So, what better time to rock leather jackets than now? Leather jackets are not restricted to bikers alone, we should explore them especially now the weather is cold.I can remember asking a friend why she doesn’t wear her leather jacket and she replied, “the weather is not cold enough”. I guess the weather…

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How to look Stylish without spending much... Uncategorized Women's Fashion 

How to Look Stylish without going beyond your account

Hey fabulous people. I’ve missed you guys. I hope your week is going great. So in line with this wonderful economy that we are in. I’ve decided to give you some fab tips on how to look good without breaking your bank account. Let’s get right into it. First up, if you’re going to look fab in this economy that we’re in, you have to be on a strict budget. I mean “belly sucked in belt tight kinda budget”. Don’t buy that extra pair of jeans or sneakers. Walk past…

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