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Guys! 9 Signs You are her Side Boo

Right now, every adult should have a working understanding of the term ‘Side Chick’ as it relates to the ladies but who says guys can’t be side boo’s?  So on this post; we have compiled the 9 ways for all guys to know if his bae is only using him – Guys! If you fall into any category then you are her side boo You Are Her Side Boo if and Only if She hardly ever calls, only flashes your line The only time she calls if when she is in…

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Ladies! 5 Signs you dating a Fuck Boy Love/Dating Uncategorized 

Ladies! 5 Signs you dating a Fuck Boy

Like most Nigerian trends, the term ‘fuck boy’ has come to stay and to those not yet aware of its meaning, it simply refers to a guy, man, or boy (irrespective of age) who acts, thinks, behave and often times talks like a child. Fuck boys are immature, not ready to commit and can’t handle pressure or strong responsibility So ladies, can you tell if that guy professing love to you is a fuck boy, here are some signs to watch out for He isn’t ready to commit Following this…

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How to get your man to pleasure You Love/Dating Uncategorized 

How to get your man to pleasure You

Ladies, we’ve all had those moments when we wish our partner understood our bodies better. That tweak and button that makes having sex an all new experience each time. If your man still doesn’t know how to press your buttons right to get you all hot and bothered. Here are a few ways to help him take you through a world of pleasure and ecstasy. Communication There’s no other way to it, you have to sit down and talk to your man(before the lovemaking begins). It’s awkward for most women…

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